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DOWAN Coffee Mug, 24 oz Large Coffee Mug with Coaster for Coffee Tea Milk Cocoa, Ceramic Coffee Cup with Handle for Coffee Cereal Latte for Men Women, Vibrant Colors, Red and Lake Blue

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SKU: WM-CS-D02031B90

Distinctive graphic design and vibrant color contrast: Colorful and Bright coffee mugs are with any drink, to enhance the sophistication of your dining table and catch your eye. And with different designs in an elegant shape, mix-match design, and vibrant colors, they're suitable for any occasion, from home and office to parties, restaurants, and even holiday gatherings.

Large-capacity multi-purpose coffee mug: DOWAN 24 OZ oversized coffee cup come in a range of vibrant colors. Une plus grande capacité et un plus grand diamètre sont bénéfiques pour la dissipation thermique. Not only can they be used for coffee, milk, tea or cocoa, they are also perfect for beverages such as soup, oatmeal and even desserts.

Comfortable Handle & Easy to Clean: Oversized Soup Mugs Humanized design with a large handle to avoid hot, even when filled with hot soup or beverages. The thick walls of the mug provide effective insulation and help the liquid maintain its temperature. 

Healthy Porcelain Material: Made from high-quality, lead-free, and cadmium-free porcelain material, DOWAN mugs are completely safe and free from harmful substances that could leach into your food or beverages. The material is durable and safe to provide long-lasting use. 

Additional Coaster: This mug set also comes with a coaster to protect your tabletop from heat and water damage. This coaster has a unique design, it can not only protect the tabletop, but also can insulate heat and also play a decorative role, making your home more fashionable.

  • Stoneware, 24oz oversized coffee cup, with Coaster
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator safe.
  • High-quality, lead-free, and cadmium-free porcelain material.
  • Humanized design with a large handle to avoid hot, even when filled with hot soup or beverages.
  • The thick walls of the mug provide effective insulation and help the liquid maintain its temperature.
  • Additional Coaster: This mug set also comes with a coaster to protect your tabletop from heat and water damage. This coaster has a water-absorbent function, which can quickly absorb spilled water droplets and keep the tabletop clean.
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