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Yeego 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator,80 Cans Beverage Fridge Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel Door

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Yeego has long been committed to the essential needs of customers to develop and upgrade our products, we understand that beverage and wine storage refrigerators are different from traditional home preservation refrigerators, different wines need to be coarse storage at different temperatures in order to have the best taste, which Yeego firmly believe, but also the long-term focus of our products, and then it all boils down to refrigeration and temperature control. As we all know the key to refrigerator refrigeration depends on the compressor, Yeego's newly upgraded wine and beverage refrigerator series all use the latest technology compressor, as well as the most advanced temperature sensors and temperature sensing probes make the refrigerator smarter, more energy-efficient, more accurate, quieter, safer, more environmentally friendly, and longer service life.


Product Model: YEG-BS15
Voltage: 115V/60Hz
Rated Current: 0.9A
Capacity: 80 12oz.standard cans
Temperature Range: 34°F-54F(1°C-12°C)
Net Weight: 74 Ibs
Gross Weight: 86.4 lbs
Unit Dimension:14.8''W x 22.4''D x 34''H
Refrigerant: R600a

 Spacious Capacity】Yeego beverage refrigerator provides generous space, fitting 80 cans of 12oz/330ml beverages.
 Emperature Control】This beverage fridge With temperature options ranging from 36℉ to 72℉(2°C - 22°C), you can chill your drinks and wines to perfection, guaranteeing a delightful taste experience.
 Air Distribution System】This beverage cooler with includes a built-in carbon purification system that eliminates odors and keeps everything fresh.
 Efficient and Energy-Saving】The Yeego wine and beverage fridge is equipped with a powerful and silent compressor(≤38db).  Additionally, it features an intelligent cooling system and energy-saving control system that maintains a stable temperature for your wines and quickly and consistently cools your beverages.
 Double Tempered Glass】This Beverage Center for home use of double tempered glass in the door panels not only provides effective thermal insulation and heat preservation, but also prevents external trauma.
 Reversible Tempered Design】This beverage fridge Double Tempered Glass Door & Reversible (OpenLeft or Right)
 Removable Shelves】The wine and beverage refrigerator comes with removable shelves, allowing you to adjust the height of each shelf to accommodate beverages of various sizes.
 Interior LED lighting】With interior LED lighting, Beverage cellar allows you to display your wine collection and easily find a drink at night.
 Security Lock】It is also equipped with a security lock to effectively protect your precious collection when needed.  It can also effectively prevent children at home from moving around
 Built-In or Freestanding】This 15-inch wide under counter beverage refrigerator is designed with front ventilation, allowing for easy installation either under the counter or as a freestanding unit.
 Touch control panel】The interior is equipped with a visual LCD display panel, as well as a touch-control panel, allowing you to easily set the temperature of different zones.
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