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YORIN Trampoline for 5-6 Kids, 14 FT 12FT Newest Trampoline with Enclosure Net for Adults with Ladder, 8 Wind Stakes, ASTM Approved 1400LBS Outdoor Recreational Trampoline, Heavy Duty Round Trampoline

SKU: YON0N00312BN-1

YORIN - Leaders And Innovators In Safe Backyard Play


- 14 FT/ 14FT with Basketball Hoop

- Trampoline with Enclosure Net

- 80 PCS Galvanized Springs

- 70.9" High Safety Enclosure

- 4 W-shaped Legs/ 5 W-shaped Legs

- 8 PCS Enclosure Net Poles

- 1400LBS Weight Capacity

- Removable Trampoline Ladder

- Premium PP Jumping Mat Material is Strong and Sturdy

- Durable Waterproof PE Spring Cover Pad

- Fully Spray Galvanized Steel Frame for durability and rust-resistant


- 1.5mm thicken fully galvanized and full spray trampoline frame tubes for 100% anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

- 360-degree tear-resistant, pull-resistant, good toughness trampoline safety enclosure net for safe happy play.

- The removable trampoline ladder makes it convenient for you to get onto.

- W-shaped legs and upgraded enclosure net poles enhanced the stability of the heavy-duty trampoline.

2022 Upgrade Curved Poles Trampoline - YORIN trampoline 14ft with curved poles increased the distance between poles and nets(up to 21.5 inches), which is double of an ordinary trampoline(only 9-12 inches). Eliminating the possibility of injuries effectively. YORIN trampoline complies with ASTM F381-16 & F2225-15, CPC Certificate and CPSIA Report.

14FT 1400LBS Trampoline for kids and Adults - Whole trampoline frame tube is made of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel, ensuring heavy-duty trampoline quality. All trampoline frame tubes(leg base, circle frame and net poles) are fully sprayed for 100% anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Best gift for your family and kids. 4 W-shaped base legs and 8 enclosure net poles provide ensured trampoline stability. 

Superior Bounce - Manufactured with EU standard Polypropylene (PP) bounce surface provides unmatched rebounding force. 80pcs springs made of heavy-duty galvanized steel wire and covered with gold plating top layer provide a great bounce for 14ft trampoline, and springs have been tested for more than 2000 times without deformation. All premium designs support excellent jumping performance. All trampoline frame tubes(leg base, circle frame and net poles) are fully sprayed for 100% anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Best gift for your family and kids.

Our safety nets are made of high-density anti-UV, PE netting, the strength is twice that of ordinary nets. So you can put your mind at ease knowing your children are so much safer than you were back in the day.

Easy to Install within 2 Hours - 14 ft trampoline with net provides a detailed instruction manual for quick installation, which covers all installation steps. 2 trampoline spring loading hook comes with this backyard trampoline for easy spring loading. 2 adults can finish the installation within 2 hours. NOTE: all trampoline springs should be installed in X-shape.

100% Worry-free After Sales Service - Outdoor trampoline 1200lbs comes with 30-day money back for no reason, 18-month warranty including all trampoline accessories. Please email us to get more help if you have any concerns, we will give you a prompt reply within 12 hours. 

Make Your Gifts Worth & Noticeable - Looking for a charming gifting option for your family? This trampoline for adults is right here to make your mark. For even more fun with jumping and shooting actions. No matter what the occasion, you can exercise with him and accompany him, It will bring you good memories and precious family time.
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