1080P Security Cameras, 2.4GHz & WiFi Cameras Home Security, Wired USB Dome Surveillance Cameras 360° View, Waterproof Security Camera with Motion Detection,2-Way Audio

Our Security Camera Wireless Wifi Outdoor Ensures a More Stable Wi-Fi Connection With An Upgraded 8dbi Antenna. Super Night Vision, With 28 Infrared Leds (16 White Light And 12 Infrared) And Advanced Infrared Technology, 3 Night Vision Modes, You Can See All The Details More Clearly In The Dark. It's Easy To Wear And Has Ai Motion Detection That Pushes You Important Alerts On Your Phone. There's No Privacy, No Hub Required, And It Works With Your Existing 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi Network. Note: 1. Product size: 4.9*4.9*3.9inch, product weight: 0.69lbs 2. You need to use your own plug for power supply. It is recommended for indoor use. Outdoors, you need to modify and extend the length of the wire.

▶ Main Features:

  • 【Super HD Full Color Night Vision】
Our Security Camera Has Super Night Vision, With 28 Infrared Leds (16 White Light And 12 Infrared) And Advanced Infrared Technology, 3 Night Vision Modes, You Can See All The Details More Clearly In The Dark. The Home Security Camera System Can View Images Up To 1080P Day And Night, Perfect For Parking Lots, Garages, Backyards, Front Yards And More.
  • 【Two-Way Audio And Instant Alert】
The Security Camera Has a Built-In Microphone And Speaker That Offers Two-Way Audio Conversations, You Can Use Two-Way Audio To Interact With Anyone You Care About So You Never Miss a Package Or Keep Your Guests Waiting. Once This Security System Detects a Moving Object, It Will Send An Alert To Your Phone And Provide Accurate Real-Time Notifications.
  • 【PIR Motion Detection & Weatherproof】
Push The Most Accurate Real-Time Notifications Through The App, And Will Not Cause False Alarms Due To Rain, Insects, Fallen Leaves, Etc., Providing a Higher Level Of Security. The Real-Time Alarm Function Allows You To Get Accurate Security Alarms In Time, Keeping Your Family Away From Burglary Waiting For Danger. The Wireless Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Has IP66 Waterproof Protection And Can Work Normally In Any Weather Such As Sunshine, Rain, Storm, Etc.
  • 【360 Degree Viewing】
The Outdoor Camera Can Provide You With a Complete And Clear View At Any Time. You Can Control The Camera's Viewing Angle Through The App To Achieve 360-Degree Blind Viewing.
  • 【Easy To Install Satisfaction Guarantee】
Home Security Cameras With Mobile Apps Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere. We Strive To Provide The Highest Standard Of Customer Service To Each Customer To Ensure You Have a Pleasant Shopping Experience. If You Have Any Problems, Questions Or Need Assistance, Please Feel Free To Contact Us Directly.
  • ▶ Specifications:

    Sensor type: CMOS
    Pixels: 2MP
    Angle: 355 degrees (horizontal) 90 degrees (vertical)
    Output data format: MJPEG
    Minimum illumination: 2.0Lux
    White Balance/Exposure: Automatic
    Night vision function: support
    Audio input: support
    Maximum frame rate: 25fps
    Image Comparison: 4:3
    Photo format: BMP/JPG
    Video format: MP4
    Focusing method: fixed focus
    Power: 0.8W (Max)
    Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C
    Working humidity: 10~80% R
    Memory card: up to 128G TF card
    Product weight: 333g
    Package size: 150 * 150 * 115mm/5.9*5.9*4.5in

    ▶ Package contains:

    1 x IP WiFi camera
    1 x USB data cable
    1 x instruction manual
    ▶ Note:
    Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture. Thank you!
    Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm measurement deviation.
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