2 Seater 24V Ride on Car, Licensed Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Electric Truck with Remote Control, 4x80W Engine, Battery Powered Kid Car to Drive for Boy Girl, White


Officially licensed Toyota FJ-40 Ride On Car Toy Collection - the perfect blend of luxury and fun for your child! This 24V truck is designed for children ages 3 to 12 and comes equipped with two seats, a USB port, four-wheel shock absorbers, light control buttons, a music player with volume control, a power display, a seat with a seat belt, and a searchlight. Safety is our top priority, which is why we've included a new generation of 2.4G remote controls that allow parents to stop the car from a safe distance in case of potential hazards. Our ride on toy is not only durable but also comes with a range of features that will keep your child entertained for hours. From opening the door and jumping in to buckling up and turning on the car, your child will feel like they're driving a real car! We believe that good toys should not only be fun to play with but also help bring families together. That's why we're committed to creating toys that children love and parents trust. Upgrade your child's playtime experience with the Officially licensed Toyota FJ-40 Passenger Ride On Car today!




  1. Licensed Toyota FJ-40
  2. 4 powerful 80W motors
  3. 24V7A battery lasts for a long time
  4. Electric pedal control and 2.4G remote control
  5. 2 seats with 3-point seat belts
  6. Power display and battery display
  7. Realistic mirrors, lockable doors, steering wheel, pedals
  8. USB/MP3 player/volume adjustment/music effect
  9. One-button start, forward and backward, fast and low speed
  10. Luxurious front and rear LED lights, 4 searchlights
  11. Strong and durable plastic wheels, four-wheel shock absorption
  12. Manual mode 2 speed; Remote mode 3 speed



- Item Name: 24V Licensed Toyota Ride on Car 2 Seat

- Color: White, Gray, Red, Black

- Battery: 24V7A

- Motor: 80W*4

- Power: 4WD

- Charger: UL

- Test standards: ASTM, MSDS, CPC

- Applicable age: 3-8 years old

- Maximum Load: 130 lbs is the maximum weight for 2 rider(combined)

- Products Dimension 49.60"L*30.70"W*31.10"H

- Products Weight: 52.91lbs

- Speed: 24V 3.5-6.5km/hr

- Play Time: 1-2 hours

- Recharger time 8-12hours


Products Include


- 1 x Ride On Car


- 1 x 2.4G Remote Control


- 1 x Charger


- 1 x Manua




  1. Children under 3 need use under adult supervision.
  2. The remote control should be operated by an adult, not a child.
  3. Long press the button on the remote to pair the remote control with the car before using remote control mode.
  4. Please kindly check the product size before purchase, as some children grow up faster.


  • REALISTIC FUNCTIONS - Officially Licensed Toyota FJ-40 Ride On Car Toy Series. Equipped with two seats, USB, MP3, four wheel absorber, light control button, music, volume adjustment, power display, light, provide your children with real experience. Children will gain more autonomy and entertainment during playing.

  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE DRIVING EXPERIENCE - This ride on car for kids ride on car has a smooth and comfortable drive with wide tires, seat belts, and lockable doors design for maximum safety while your child is riding The kid vehicles car starts at low speed, giving your child plenty of time to react to any situation.

  • CHILD DRIVEN and REMOTE CONTROL - A child can drive the kids car commanding the steering like a real car. Want to build-up to them driving? You can easily take control of the toy with the included remote control to safely guide them. The remote control is equipped with forwarding/reverse/park controls, steering operations, and 3-speed selection.

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLY - The ride on car assembly is straightforward and simple according to the detailed instructions. This rational design car is a perfect gift for your child or grandchild for a birthday and Christmas gift. Please kindly check the product size before purchase, as some children grow up faster.

  • TOP SERVICE - UHOMEPRO INC provides professional customer service both before and after your purchase; If you have any questions about our unisex ride on car, feel free to contact us. Our professional customer service team will provide you with solutions within 24 hours. (Customer Service Email: services@uhomepro.com)

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