AVAWING Velvet Executive Office Chair, Velvet Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Back, Thick Padding Ergonomic Massage Home Office Desk Chairs with Adjustable Headrest, Foot Rest Armrest, Grey


Is it uncomfortable to work with a sedentary back every day? Are you fed up with hard chairs? Then hurry up and buy a swivel comfortable chair for your work, study, and play games. Our office chair is suitable for cervical curvature, adjustable up and down and suitable for people of different heights. This chair has a massage and heating function, and with the pull-out footrest, you could enjoy a comfortable rest while napping. The whole chair body can be rotated 360°, and the silent pulley protects the floor to avoid noise. Using high-quality materials, sturdy and durable. Just buy one office massage chair with no doubt to release your pressure!


Backrest Angle Adjustment:90° to 135°

Adjustable Height: 45"-48"

360 Degree Rotation: Pentagonal silent wheels

Sturdy Base: for long-term use

Massage and Heating Function: Relaxing massage for your back

Pull-out Footrest: Providing a comfortable rest while napping.


Material: Snowflake Velvet; Foam

Seat Height: 19"-22"

Seat Dimension: 20"L x 28"D

Back Dimension: 20"L x 28"H

Overall Dimension: 28"L x 28"D x 45"-48"H

Max Weight: 330 LBS

  • 【Multifunction Adjustable】This massage office chair has a wide range of adjustable functions to suit your needs. The height can be adjusted up and down and the backrest can be adjusted to any angle from 90° to 135°. The height can also be adjusted up and down. It also has a pull-out footrest.
  • 【Massageable and Heatable】This office chair has a massage function to effectively relieve muscle fatigue, with a classic six-point vibrating point massage, as well as a heating function for constant temperature heating to fully relax your body.
  • 【Ergonomic Massage Office Chair】 Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. The backrest is designed to fit your back and provide full support for your lumbar area, which can relieve you of the discomfort of sitting and working for long hours.
  • 【High Quality Materials】This massage office chair is made of high quality snowflake velvet fabric, which is soft and skin-friendly. It is also padded with new high quality foam, which is breathable and highly resilient at the same time.
  • 【360° Swivel】This massage office chair has a sturdy pentagonal base construction for safety and stability. It is also fitted with silent wheels for quick movement and reduced noise. The chair can be rotated 360°.

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