Baby Monitor Indoor Security Camera, Dog Camera 1080P HD, 2.4GHz with Night Vision, Motion Detection for Baby and Pet Monitor, Cloud and SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa, White

Introducing the new GUUDGO WIFI Baby Monitor, a state-of-the-art addition to your smart home system. This wireless home smart camera provides crystal-clear 1080P High Definition imaging, ensuring that you miss nothing when it comes to the safety and comfort of your baby. The innovative dual-light vision feature, coupled with Infrared Night Vision technology, allows for exceptional visual clarity, day or night. What sets this baby monitor apart is the advanced two-way voice communication system, perfect for not just listening but also soothing your baby with your voice. It operates effectively on a 2.4 GHz band, providing reliable connectivity around your home. With the GUUDGO WIFI Baby Monitor, you'll also experience the convenience of modern technology with its app support for real-time monitoring. Now, no matter where you are, your baby's wellbeing is just a click away on your smartphone. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is safe, secure, and just a call away with the GUUDGO WIFI Baby Monitor. A must-have tool for today's tech-savvy parents!

Main Features:

Intelligent Motion Tracking & Safety Reminder
Smart Motion Tracking --- Motion tracking enables GUUDGO outdoor security cameras to detect moving objects. Once enabled, the security camera will begin automatically recording and tracking moving objects. Once motion is detected, you will receive alerts directly from the app on your IOS/Android device.
1080P HD& 360°Panorama
Guudgo Is Designed As a Panoramic Gimbal Wi-Fi Camera, Providing 360°Horizontal Field Of View And Intelligent Tracking And Field Of View Coverage, So You Don't Need To Worry About Missing Anything. This Webcam Allows You To Experience High-Definition 1080P Video Surveillance, Providing Clear And Detailed Baby Images For Accurate And Reliable Monitoring.
Two-Way Audio Dual-Light System
Don't Just Listen. With Two-Way Audio, You Can Use Your Voice To Soothe And Reassure Baby Even When They'Re Apart For a Stronger Bond. Our Baby Monitor Features a Dual Photoelectric Vision System And Infrared Night Vision Technology For Superior Visual Clarity, Day Or Night.
Remote Monitoring
The Guudgo Baby Camera Allows You To Remotely Control The Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Using The V380 Pro App, So You Can See Every Corner Of The Room While You'Re Out And About. Let Our Home Security Cameras Automatically Monitor Your Room By Setting Multiple Preset Waypoints.
Optional Cloud Storage And Local Storage
24/7 Cvr Enables Indoor Security Cameras To Record Continuously In The Cloud, Avoiding The Risk Of Losing Sd Card Recordings. Quickly Search For Specific Events Based On Time, Event Type, Or Camera Name. Maximum Support For 128Gb Sd Card (Need To Be Purchased Separately).


APP: V380pro
Light source: LED-HD infrared night vision
Main processor: Master Chip-Ankai
PTZ: automatic horizontal 355° manual vertical 90°
Machine color: white plastic matte
Power: total power ≤ 15W: camera ≤ 6W, white light ≤ 9W
LED indication: network signal/function indicator
Video storage method: Micro SD card (up to 128GB) local storage, cloud storage
Controller type: Amazon Alexa.

The package contains:

1 x WIFI IP Camera
1 power supply
1x manual
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