BCOOSS Non Slip Rug Gripper 8Pcs for Hardwood Tile Floors Area Rugs Carpet Tape Rug Pad


Why choose BCOOSS area rug gripper pad  ?
 ✔ Anti Curling Non Sliding, keep your children and elder safe.


✔ Strong stickiness, keep the carpet in place firmly.


✔ Washable and reusable, longer use.


✔ Durable and safe material, no harm to your family or pets.


✔ Easy to install and Non-residual, no damage to your floor and carpet.


✔ Invisible under the rugs with ultra-thin design, keep the carpet beautiful.


✔ Widely application, suitable for most carpet and floors.
1. rug gripper pad is not recommended to use it on a carpet with a plush back, which may remove the fluff because of the strong stickiness of the carpet grippers.


2. It is suitable for many kinds of carpets, except those made of silicone and rubber.


3. Please follow the instructions. Two sides of the rug gripper are different, the side of the transparent sticker is for the floor (Reusable) and the side of the white paper with “on carpet”is for the carpet (Permanently fixed, not reusable).
A little magical non slip rug pad, give you a magical life !
Washable and reusable about 1000 times!
Super sticky and super easy to use !
Sticky anything anywhere!


Not only to prevent the rug sliding on floor or carpet, but also Fixed Outlet or Fixed Router.

  • 【Strong Fixation Force】: BCOOSS non slip rug pads use washable double-sided adhesive to fix the area carpet to the floor, with strong fixation force, maintaining stability, avoiding slipping, and facilitating carpet cleaning.
  • 【No Damage】Prolong Rug Life: Designed with premium updated adhesive technology(dual-side stickers), our rug pads can peel off easily with no damage and residue on your delicate floors. By keeping the rug in place,BCOOSS tape for rug decrease the constant movement between the floor and the rug, reduce wear on your rug.
  • 【Easy to install】:  Non slip carpet tape rug grippers are designed to fit the corners of all rugs; you won’t have to measure your rug or mat to ensure they’ll fit properly. All you have to do is place them under your rug to keep it firmly in place. Suitable for hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, stone, and vinyl flooring.
  • 【Washable and Reusable】:This non-slip carpet mat jig is washable and can be reused when dry. BCOOSS area carpet clamp hands can be washed with a rag with water or alcohol or soapy water.
  • 【Easy Applcation】: Experience the convenience of our easy-to-apply rug non slip pad , just clean the floor, unroll carpet grippers for hardwood floors , place rug slip stopper, smooth out bubbles. Enjoy a stable under rug non slip pad surface with our convenient rug grippers for tile floors.
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