BCOOSS Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime Video Doorbell with Night Vision 2.4G Wifi and Battery Powered


“Someone stole a package from my front door and I don't want my package be stolen again.”
When anyone passes by,BCOOSS home security doorbell camera will wake up rapidly, and send you app push notifications instantly.Detection Sensitivity and triggering time are adjustable.You’ll only be alerted for the moments that matter.It will also sound an alarm when your doorbell camera is forced removed.  

Why Choose BCOOSS Wireless Video Doorbell Camera?
Effortless Charging: Remove the insulation tape from the battery's base and charge it fully before initial use. Rechargeable batteries can be charged using the provided USB cable and a DC 5V 1A or 5V 2A power adapter (a phone charger will work). Note that the charging adapter is not included.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Support: The EKEN doorbell camera is exclusively compatible with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, ensuring fast and stable connectivity.(5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported)

Complimentary Chime Included: Install the included doorbell chime in areas like your dining room, kitchen, or patio to be alerted when someone rings your doorbell. Pair one smart doorbell with multiple indoor chimes for added convenience.

App Notisfications: Receive call alerts when visitors press the doorbell.

Secure Cloud Storage Solution: Enjoy encrypted cloud storage with an optional subscription plan (sold separately).Explore a 30-day free trial for seamless recording, reviewing, and sharing of your videos.

1.   Remove the insulation tape from the bottom of the batteries before use.
2.   The included batteries are rechargeable;    charging adapter not included.
3.   Fully charge the batteries using a DC 5V 1A or 5V 2A power adapter (a phone charger is suitable) before mounting the doorbell camera.
4.   The indoor chime requires a USB adapter or USB outlet for power.
5.   The doorbell camera is compatible with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi only;    use high-speed, stable Wi-Fi for optimal performance.

How to set up the wireless doorbell camera

1. Download App, sign up an account and log in.

2. Open the battery cover of the door bell camera, and remove the insulation tape at the bottom of batteries.

3. Press and hold the doorbell button till it flashes red, and it will say "entering pairing mode"

4. Tap "add device" in app, confirm the doorbell is flashing red, then tap "yes"

5. Enter your WIFI name and password. It supports only 2.4GHz WIFI. Then confirm again your WIFI name and password, tap "confirm"

6. It will show a QR code on your phone. Use your doorbell camera to scan this code. Then it will start pair. When it says "registration successful", tap "confirm", then your doorbell is setup in your account.

  • 【Secure Cloud Storage】:Access your videos anytime, even if your doorbell goes offline, is stolen, or damaged, ensuring your footage remains within reach. (Sold separately)
  • 【Two-Way Communication】:Engage in conversations with visitors anytime, anywhere. Effortlessly engage with visitors from anywhere, enabling seamless real-time interaction.
  • 【Advanced Motion Detection】:Receive mobile alerts upon detecting movement, and enable human detection for more accurate notifications.
  • 【Enhanced Night Vision】:Monitor your outdoor clearly even during nighttime hours.
  • 【Effortless Installation】:Easily set up your doorbell using the included adhesive tape or two screws.The package includes an free indoor chime that rings along with the outdoor doorbell camera.
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