BlitzMax Computer Monitor Light Bar, Computer Monitor Lamp , 5 Color Temperature Stepless Dimmable Monitor Light, Desk Lamp with Memory Function and Touch Screen for Home / Office

A Computer Monitor Light Bar is a Must Have At Home, In The Office, or on the Trip. At Different Times, The Monitoring Light Can Provide You With a Comfortable Lighting Environment, All You Can Do Is To Maximize Your Concentration, Enjoy Comfort, And Take Better Care Of Your Eyes. Our Computer Monitor Light Strip Has Both Sensitive Touch And Memory Functions, You Can Enjoy It Directly Next Time You Turn It On, It Will Be Your Best Companion In Life.


【Five-Level Color Temperature And Stepless Dimming】
The Light Bar Provides Five Different Color Temperature Modes (3000-6000K) And Five Brightness Levels. With a Long Press, The Brightness Can Be Adjusted Smoothly, Tailoring The Perfect And Comfortable Light For Various Settings. Despite Its Maximum Light Output Of 150 Lumens, Its Power Consumption Is Only 4.5 Watts. In Addition, The Touch Button Can Also Realize The Needs Of Short Pressing 5 Levels And Long Pressing For Stepless Adjustment Of Brightness And Color Temperature, Taking Care Of Your Eyes Anytime, Anywhere.
【Asymmetric Front Projection Design and Anti-Glare Design】
The monitoring light adopts an asymmetrical light source. With a unique light source, it only illuminates the desktop, not the screen, no reflections and glare, virtually eliminates reflective glare from your monitor, maximizing your focus and comfort whether you're working or relaxing , and better for your eyes.
【Sensitive Touch Control & Memory Function】
The memory function of the light strip can keep track of your last settings, protecting your eyes from sudden, harsh brightness. With its touch-sensitive switch, you can easily control the brightness level without fumbling with a traditional wired controller in the dark.
【Space-saving and flexible design】
Due to the mechanical suspension design, this light bar can save more than 95% of the desktop space. Plus, adjustable clips and lighting angles allow it to be mounted on flat or curved screens up to 2 inches thick.
【Multiple Scenarios Use】
The Light Can Be Powered By Any Usb Outlet, Whether The Source Is a Computer, Phone Charger, Or Power Bank. Slim And Sleek Design, Easy To Carry. Whether It Is At Home, In The Office, Or During Travel, It Is Your Best Companion.


Brand: BlitzMax 
Color: Black
Weight: 520g
Power Supply: USB(5V DC)
Power Consumption: 6W
Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
Working Temperature: -10-40°C
Light Length: 42cm/16.5 inch
Lamp Width: 2.8cm/1.10inch
Lamp height: 1.6cm/0.62inch
Cable Length: 1.5m/59.1 inch
Adjustable Color: 5 Levels (Short Press), Stepless Color Temperature(Long Press)
Adjustable Brightness: 5 Levels (Short Press), Stepless Dimming(Long Press)

Package Includes:

1 x USB Light Bar
1 x Bracket
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
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