BlitzMax Kids Video Camera Toy Camera for Girls Boys Toddlers 3-10 Year Old Birthday Gifts, BlitzMax 1080P HD Shockproof Video Recorder Player with 2 Inch IPS Screen-Pink

BlitzMax Children's Digital Camera Supports Front And Rear Cameras, Video Recording, Playing Games, Listening To Music, Etc. The Children's Camera Is Made Of Safe And Non-Toxic Materials, And The Design Is Compact And Easy To Carry. It Is a Toy That Helps Children Explore Creativity And a Unique Outlook On Life.

    【8.0 MP & 1080P HD Video】
    BlitzMax Digital Camera For Kids Has 8.0 Megapixels And 1080P HD Ips Screen, The Toy Camcorder Can Shoot Video Up To 1920x1080P, Equipped With 8x Digital Zoom! Compared With Other Children's Cameras On The Market, Photo Clarity Has Been Greatly Improved. Capturing Every Impressive Moment Is Also More Fun For Kids.
    【Safe Material And Compact Size】
    Kids Digital Camera Is Made Of High-Quality Soft Round-Edged Silicone Material. 100% Non-Toxic, Shockproof Case, Durable And Kid-Safe, Small And Lightweight, Perfectly Sized For Little Hands, Offering Them a Comfortable Way To Take Photos Or Record Videos With The Kids Camera.
    【Multifunctional Toy Camera】
    This Toy Camera Supports Continuous Shooting And Time-Lapse Shooting To Meet Various Needs In Different Situations. Built-In Educational Games Bring More Fun To Children. A Built-In Rechargeable Battery Allows This Toddler Camera To Be Easily Charged Via USB. (Maximum Support For 32GB SD Card)
    【USB charging cable, long battery life】
    BlitzMax products also come with a USB charger, 32GB SD card and card reader. It can shoot continuously for 3-4 hours after a full charge. After the completion, you can take out the SD card and insert it into a USB flash drive. Play videos and pictures, have fun taking pictures of your kids, and discuss with them what is valuable. Precious moments recorded with family and friends.
    【Great Gifts for Kids】
    Equipped with a durable lanyard, easy to carry, making the camera convenient to carry, specially designed for children, you can hang the mini camera around your neck, just capture the nature with your family or animals Scene, experience fun comes from nature. It's a birthday/Christmas/holiday gift for kids.

    Color: Blue/Pink/Green
    Charging Method:USB
    Charging Time: 2 Hours
    Screen Size: 2.0 Inches
    Photo Resolution: 8 Megapixels
    Screen Type: Ips Full Viewing Angle Screen
    Function: Support Photo, Video
    Video Resolution: 1920x1080p
    Photo Resolution: 5324x4000
    Games: Snake Eater, Sokoban, Tetris
    Battery Capacity: 400mah (Work 3-4 Hours)
    Storage Medium: MiniSD Card Supports Up To 32G


    1 * Kids Camera
    1*32GB Memory Card
    1*Card Reader
    1USB Cable
    1 User Manual


    1. Due To Manual Measurement, Please Allow 1-2cm Measurement Deviation.
    2. Due To Different Monitors And Light Effects, The Actual Color Of The Item May Be Slightly Different From The Color Shown On The Picture.

    Warning Prompt:

    1. This Children's Camera Supports a Maximum Of 32GB Memory Card And Requires a MicroSD Card. When Recording Is Complete, Remove The Memory Card And Insert It Into a Card Reader To View The Video On Your Computer. Please Format The Card Before Use
    2. Due To Long-Term Transportation, The Battery Of The Children's Camera May Be Low, Please Charge It Before Use, And Do Not Include a Charger.
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