Brafab Shoe Storage Cabinet Shoe Organizer Rack With 2 Flip Drawers & 1 Storage Drawer for Narrow Closet, Entryway, Living Room,Wooden color

The slim shoe cabinet can easily fit into the narrow spaces of foyers and entryways. The natural elements of the furniture better decorate your home environment. It is especially for small spaces.

Style: Natural
Material: Natural Rattan&MDF&Iron
Weight Capacity: Estimated load capacity of 55 pounds
Number of Package: 1 x 2 door cabinet
Assembly Required: YES

Bringing Modern Farmhouse Style
Perfect for livingroom, entryway and any casual space to make a sleek and antique in the home/office appearance.


  • 【Art of Half-Circle Rattan Weaving】: The geometric aesthetics of the half-arc combined with the traditional rattan elements, MDF wood panels, and natural hand-woven rattan craftsmanship together make the shoe rack cabinet more elegant and practical. The slim shoe cabinet can cleverly use the narrow space in the foyer, and corner and say goodbye to the clutter. Decorate your home space with furniture of natural attributes to make your home more comfortable.
  • 【Cubic storage space】:The large top platform can hold photo frames or wallets. Small drawers can easily store cards, keys, shoe polish, shoe brushes, etc. 2 foldable compartments for up to 12 pairs of shoes (internal shelves can be adjusted) Bottom area can store slippers. Cubic storage, making full use of every inch of space.
  • 【User-friendly design】:Smooth handles are comfortable to touch and avoid scratching. Toppling-preventing devices ensure safety when using the Freestanding shoe cabinet while making the practical shoe cabinet and the wall fit better. The visually logical design of the flip drawer doors allows one to quickly find and remove shoes. Create a freestanding shoe cabinet from the user's perspective.
  • 【Moisture resistance and cleaning】:Compared with the traditional structure shoe cabinet, the rattan surface design makes it excellent in ventilation, so that your shoes dry quickly and are not easy to grow Moldy spots. Feature a 7.08” height bottom space and height adjustable feet knobs that not only store your shoes but also allow the sweeper Robot to clean. Suitable for your smart home life.
  • 【24-hour customer service】:The assembly parts of the product have a number, follow the detailed steps in the manual to install more easily. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problem.
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