Ca'Lefort 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Door


If you're looking for a high-quality, versatile wine and beverage storage refrigerator, Ca'Lefort beverage and Wine Refrigerator series provides the best storage solution. This Ca'Lefort fridge drink dispenser allow you built-in or freestanding installation,Ca'Lefort wine and beverage cooler employs Upgrade compressor chilling technology ,runs quiet operation save energy.Ca'Lefort dual zone wine refrigerator beverage center Equipped with LED display and touch controls.This compressor beverage center wine cooler with Double-paned tempered glass door and stainless steel frame help block ultraviolet rays,fashionable and atmospheric appearance design to meet the decoration style of any home, add a touch of class to the celebration.


Products Name:Ca'Lefort 15 inch Dual Zone Wine Fridge
Model No. : Clf-WD15
Capacity : 28 standard 750ml wine bottles
Temperature Range: 40OF-65°F (5°C-18°C)
Net Weight: 71 lbs
Gross Weight: 86.6 lbs
Unit Dimension: 14.8"W x 22.4"D x 34"H

  1. 28 Bottle Capacity: The Ca'Lefort Dual Zone wine fridge can hold on 28 bottles of 750ml standard Bordeaux. capacity 3.0 cubic feet.
  2. Smart Touch Control: The wine cooler refrigerator adopt smart touch control panel with an indicator light.Touch panel allows for easy control of power and interior LED light.
  3. Powerful Compressor Fan Cooling System:  Energy-efficient compressor and front venting can cool your wines soon and the fan of the wine fridge could evenly distribute the cool air to every corner.ensuring that every bottle of wine is at a suitable temperature.
  4. Running Quietly: This built-in wine refrigerator would make low noise when compressor is running, which is less than 39 db. 
  5. Reversible Tempered Design: This wine fridge Double Tempered Glass Door & Reversible (OpenLeft or Right)
  6. Interior LED lighting: With interior LED lighting, wine cooler allows you to display your wine collection and easily find a drink at night. The soft blue LED light does not emit harmful heat to your wine
  7. Air Distribution System:This wine refrigerator with automatic defrosting function and an active charcoal filtration system, to ensure air purity and to maintain an odour free cabinet for the storage of your wines.
  8. Temperature Memory Function: Restore the set temperature in the wine refrigerator after it is back on from power outage, which makes your wine collection not deteriorated as the temperature rises.
  9. Double Layer Tempered Glass Door: Double-paned tempered glass door and seamless stainless steel frame protects wine collection from damaging ultraviolet light, conserving energy and protects against condensation and humidity while maintaining optimal cabinet temperature.
  10. Built-in or Freestanding: Spacious design of this compressor beverage center,Unique front vented heat dissipation system that allows this wine cellar to be built-in to cabinetry or place it anywhere you like in your home.
  11. Shelves Removable: wine and beer fridge with 5 adjustable shelves,can create space for over-sized bottles and cans.
  12. Warranty:Ca'Lefort beverage refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty service and a 3-year compressor warranty, ensuring the most satisfactory customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at any time.
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