CICPAP OBD2 Scanner,Professional Car Code Reader and Diagnostic Tool for All OBD II Vehicles, Check Engine Code Reader for All Cars


Tired of wasting time and money on unnecessary repair trips? Want to take control of your car's performance and avoid expensive repairs? Look no further! The CICPAP OBD2 Scanner is here to revolutionize your car diagnostic experience.

Experience lightning-fast performance with the CICPAP OBD2 Scanner, granting you quick access to OBDII car diagnostics and DTC lookup. Effortlessly diagnose your vehicle with a single click, gaining real-time insights through live data, freeze frame, and VIN retrieval. This scanner is compatible with most US vehicles since 1996, supporting multiple protocols and over 60 vehicle brands. Powered directly from your vehicle's 16pin DLC, it's a must-have tool for home and auto shop mechanics, saving you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Upgrade to the CICPAP OBD2 Scanner now and take control of your car's diagnostics. With lightning-fast performance, effortless one-click diagnosis, and real-time insights, you'll drive with confidence.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Equipped with an advanced STM-32 main chip, the CICPAP OBD2 Scanner provides lightning-fast access to OBDII car diagnostics and DTC lookup, outperforming other scanners by 2-3 times. Quickly identify issues with your car and avoid unnecessary repair trips.
  • EFFORTLESS ONE-CLICK DIAGNOSIS: Unlike Bluetooth OBD2 scanners that require app downloads, the CICPAP car diagnostic tool offers instant diagnostics with a simple one-click query. No technical expertise required. Quickly check battery voltage and fault codes to determine the cause of the engine light.
  • ACCURATE LIVE DATA ANALYSIS: The CICPAP OBD2 scanner goes beyond basic code reading. It provides live data, real-time curves, freeze frame, I/M readiness, and VIN retrieval for comprehensive analysis and diagnosis. Get precise insights into your vehicle's performance.
  • EXTENSIVE VEHICLE COVERAGE: Compatible with most vehicles sold in the USA since 1996, as well as 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars or newer, including sedans, SUVs, light trucks, and 12V diesel models. Works with over 60 vehicle brands and supports KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN protocols.
  • HOME MECHANIC ESSENTIAL: The CICPAP OBD2 scanner is powered directly from your vehicle's 16pin DLC. It's a must-have tool in your toolbox and makes a perfect gift for home and auto shop mechanics. Stay prepared and save time and money on repairs.
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