Cordless Vacuum Cleaner stick Lightweight for Floors Carpets and Pet Hair

Save $120.00
New generation of Smart Touchscreen Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, our stick vacuum cleaner design Wall Mount Charging Dock,Cleaning is effortless, Liberating your waist and hands, brings you a superior cleaning experience.

Wall Mount automatic Charging Dock: No more hassle of plugging and unplugging the charger. Our cordless stick vacuum cleaner comes with a wall-mounted charging station. Simply hang the vacuum cleaner on the dock for automatic charging while storing it. Stay prepared for your next clean!

Our lightweight cordless vacuum effortlessly converts to a handheld device, allowing you to clean high, low, and narrow spaces with ease. Experience the versatility of our multipurpose vacuum cleaner, meeting all your cleaning needs.

Key Features:
Wall Mount automatic Charging Dock
Powerful 33Kpa suction and 450W power for thorough cleaning.
Adjusted 3-speed suction,Up to18-50 min run (depending on suction). For larger homes, contact our customer service to purchase additional batteries and extend your cleaning time.
Large screen with a touch screen combination for intuitive control.
Convenient 0.9L dust cup with easy one-hand dust removal.
Wall-mounted charging design for organized storage and hassle-free charging of accessories.
2-in-1 floor brush suitable for all types of floors and carpets.
5-layer multi-cone filtration system ensures the health and well-being of your family.
Manual adjustment and automatic dust detection modes for customized cleaning.
Dual Display Touchscreen Design:
Touch Screen Functionality:
Long-press to set the vacuum gear to "AUTO" mode, adjusting suction power automatically with dust levels.
Touch adjustment in manual mode with 3-speed suction control.

- Large LED display featuring:
Dust detection halo: Halo color changes from red to green as dust decreases.
Floor brush cleaning reminder.
Dust cup cleaning reminder.
Gear automatic mode change prompt.
Real-time battery usage display and charging reminder.
【Extra gift】Choose our vacuum cleaner, you can also get additional HEPA air inlets. (The machine itself comes with one,give an extra placed separately as a gift)
【33Kpa Powerful Suction】The silent stick vacuum cleaner adopts a 400W high-performance motor, which can provide a maximum suction power of 33Kpa; it is divided into automatic mode and manual mode, and 3 gears are available (green/blue/red) to meet all your cleaning needs
【Automatic Dust Induction】The built-in induction chip of the wireless vacuum cleaner, self-regulation of induction dust power absorption; In automatic mode, as the garbage increases, the suction power is automatically increased, the garbage decreases, and the suction power is automatically reduced; it saves you more power and gets more battery life
【Touch Screen & Display Screen】 Stick vacuum cleaner adopts dual screen design, touch screen control and speed change is realized by touch; large display screen monitors battery power at all times; it has a full dust bin recall; the floor brush is reminded that the hair is rolled up to help you always understand the use of the vacuum cleaner
【 40 Minutes & Wall Charge】 Cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 7*2500mAh large capacity lithium battery. Combined with the motor, it can provide up to 40 minutes of runtime in automatic mode, fully guaranteeing your cleaning time. cleaning; the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rechargeable wall mount, which can directly charge the vacuum cleaner, while storing all the accessories
【6-Hole Multi-cone Filtration】The cordless vacuum cleaner filter adopts 6-hole multi-cone design, which realizes dust separation through multi-stage cyclone; Built-in stainless steel/HEPA inlet/quiet sponge/outlet sponge filter, layers of filtration, effectively prevent dust from entering the motor, purify the air, and ensure the health of you and your family.
Wireless vacuum 400W powerful brushless motor provides 3 speed (17/25/33kPa), which can capture hair and debris on the hardwood floor and carpet! Disclosure of batteries for charging!

17kPa: Energy -saving/min mode. The battery can provide up to 40-50 minutes of running time, allowing you to clean up 2,000 square feet at a time!
25KPa: Standard mode. The daily clean battery runs about 25-30 minutes.
33kPa: Maximum mode. Easy to capture cat nests, pet food and other large particles. The battery run in the maximum suction mode is about 15-20 minutes
Automatic mode: It can provide up to 40 minutes of runtime
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