Home Security Camera Wireless WIFI Mini Indoor Surveillance Camera with Night Vision 1080 HD Video Recording Super Wide Angle


Please kindly noted that this item is sold by No wind and no waves from Joybuy marketplace.

【Important】How to use:

Download the APP in APP Store (IOS system) ,or in Google Play (Android system); if you cannot find the app in Google Play, you can scan the QR code on the instruction;

Press the ON/OFF button about 3 seconds to turn on the camera;

【Method 1 to use】Turn on the camera, connect the camera WIFI on your phone WLAN setting, open the APP, you’ll see the live video;

【Method 2 to use】Turn on the camera, open the APP, click add device, connect the WIFI that you want to use and fill the name and password, and wait until the mini camera is connected successfully. (Note: If the camera cannot connect, please long press the “mode” button to refresh.)

Product Specifications:

Material: plastics

Size: 43*43*25mm

Color: Black

Resolution Ratio: 1080HD

Video Format: ASF

Memory Card Type: TF card; 8G;16G; 32G; 64G (not inlcuded in the package)

Compressed Format: H.264

APP Support: Android/iOS

Recording range: 5m²

Viewing angle: 150 degrees

Frames: 30 frames per second

Battery working time: one hour above

Interface: Micro USB interface

Product Features:

*150° super wide angle -  with the help of 360 °rotating bracket, you can view and monitor what’s going on at home when you go outside;

*Video Moving Detection-better to know when there's somebody moving

*1080P HD video recording-clearly enough to watch

* Infrared lights (non brightness)- Clearly visible in dim light and total darkness

*WiFi remote control- Download the APP on your phone, watch real-time video online;

*Automatic night vision change- Once the environment is dark, night vision will automatically turn on;

*SD Supported- Capture and record videos for you to save or playback;


Please DONOT forget to charge after long time use.

Mini camera will be a little hot in working or in charging and it's a normal phenomenon which will not effect daily use. Please do not worry and reassure to use.

  • 【Latest Hidden Camera】PLUSBRAVO camera is the latest small size, wide-angle Wi-Fi camera with built-in magnet. With a 1080P full HD mini camera and a 150-degree wide-angle lens, the camera can capture details clearly, bringing you an unprecedented wide scene. The perfect surveillance camera with its compact size and prominent lens design allows you to easily and discreetly capture any lens in your home, office or car.
  • 【Motion Detection And Night Vision Wireless Camera】With upgraded smart motion detection, now you can manually set the sensor sensitivity.  You can log in to the app at any time to see what is happening in real time. The device adopts a design, 6 non-brightness infrared infrared lamps, and a night vision distance of 5M.
  • 【Loop Recording】This camera  Just insert a SD card(Maximum support 64G, which need to be formatted before use), you can preservation photos and video. It can also record videos even if the network is offline.When the SD card is full, the earliest files will be deleted automatically.Even if the camera does not plug in the SD card, you can manually take photos / videos and save them to the mobile phone album through the app.Please note: SD card is not included in the pacakge, which need you to buy.
  • 【Nanny Cameras and Security Cameras】This device is great when you want to monitor kids and babysitters; it also works great when you want to observe caregivers or pets. The spy camera is designed for a peace-of-mind when you are occupied with other important life matters.
  • 【Notice】There are two modes to connect this small camera. Details steps are shown on the intruduction that included in the package. Please read carefully before use. And please don't forget to format the micro SD card before using it if you need it to save videos.
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