PLUSBRAVO Dinosaur Toys for Boys 3-6 years Kids Remote Control RC Velociraptor T-Rex Gray

The super realistic look of this green remote control dinosaur always attracts the attention of kids. Fine carving patterns and flexible body curves make it look lifelike. Walking flexibly, emiting cool lights and waging tail, all these features can make it an attractive and entertaining walking dinosaur toy for boys and girls. Features with 6 roar sounds and LED light up, these realistic dinosaur toys are easy to control so it would be perfect ideal gift choice for your kids. Just get one and bring your kids an unprecedented playing experience.
  • 【Super Realistic Gaming Experience】The simulation velociraptor looks lifelike which has a delicate mouth, huge teeth, 3D eyes and all the exquisite details. Its hind feet can be bent and lift the legs to go forward fast and attack anything around instantly.The bendable knees make it walk like a real dinosaur! Bring your little ones back into the dinosaur world in one second.
  • 【Realistic Walking Dinosaur Toys】PLUSBRAVO electronic RC dinosaur toy is able to walk flexibly indoor and outdoor. Just use the remote controller to make it walk forward or backward, and there will be ferocious roaring sounds out of it, which makes your kids feel at Jurassic Journey!
  • 【Safe Gray Dinosaur Toys for Kids】PLUSBRAVO RC dinosaur toy is made to last, developed with a sturdy material. No odor, no fading, and no harm to kids! Strict secure test approved meet US toy standard, which is ideal remote dinosaur toys for kids 3 years old up.
  • 【Remote Control Dinosaur Kids Toys】Perfect electric pet gifts for kids, adults and those dinosaur lovers! PLUSBRAVO dinasour for boys is packaged with a beautiful box which no doubt would be a gift choice for boys girls on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Easter, Party Favors, preschool Rewards and Dinosaur Themed Party.
  • 【Easy to Control】With different channels control and one key demo, the realistic walking and roar sounds will make the dinosaur perform like a real velociraptor. See kids' smile when they get one and have fun with it in leisure time.
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