Screen Replacement for iPhone 11 Pro Max LCD Screen Replacement 6.5 Inch Display 3D Touch Screen Digitizer with Repair Tool Kit Tempered Glass Film Waterproof Adhesive for A2161, A2220, A2218

🌈【Premium Craftsmanship & High-Quality Replacement】: Incell Technology LCD Screen. 550cd/㎡, 1:1 original size. High color saturation, high brightness, ultra-wide field of view, high resolution, 3D Touch, fast response. Anti-drip and anti-splash. Anti-oil and anti-fingerprint, your phone will look clean and new. High strength to resist sharp objects, avoid scratches, explosion-proof, and reduce the risk of screen breakage. Super smooth and sensitive touch, smoother experience, perfect hand feeling!
📲【Compatibility & Application】: iPhone 11 PRO MAX LCD screen replacement is only suitable for iPhone 11 PRO MAX, 6.5 inches. Compatible with models A2161, A2220, A2218. Not suitable for iPhone 11, 11 PRO. It does not include the front camera, earpiece, and sensor components, so transfer them from your old LCD screen. Full viewing angle, wide color gamut, can be used with sunglasses. Used to replace defective screens such as display issues, color issues, pixel distortion, cracked or damaged LCD screens, etc.
⛄【Easy Installation and Tutorial Manual】: iPhone 11 PRO MAX LCD screen replacement kit includes everything needed during the repair process. You just need to move other parts of the original screen to the new screen. You can install it according to the user manual or the video on the details page, saving time and money! You can use True Tone, Face ID and 3D Touch normally just like the original LCD.
🎁【Designed and Packed for You】: No more losing detachable parts, the screw positioning card shows where you should place the detachable parts, you can place all the screws and flex cables securely on it. Tempered screen protector means you don't have to worry about scratches or hammering. Waterproof seal effectively maintains waterproof function.
🎐【High Quality & Attention】: All iPhone 11 PRO MAX screen replacement parts have undergone strict QC double testing and are 100% in good condition before shipping. We believe in our products and we recommend watching videos and detailed tutorials before installation and installing under the guidance of professionals to avoid damage. The 4 corners of the screen are relatively sensitive, please be careful when installing. (Note: Please turn off your phone and disconnect the battery cable before installing the screen to prevent the screen from freezing)
Product package: 1* Compatible with iPhone 11 PRO MAX screen replacement + 1* Screw positioning card + 1* Installation manual + 1* Tempered glass protective film + 1* Waterproof frame sticker + 1* Repair tool set
  • Note: 1. Please pay attention to the model before purchasing. This screen replacement is only suitable for iPhone 11 PRO MAX screen replacement.
  • 2. We provide a full set of installation tools. It is difficult to replace the iPhone screen and is generally carried out by professional repair personnel. We strongly recommend you to watch the instruction manual, Youtube and TikTok videos and find some technician for help or take it to a repair shop to reduce the risk of your phone getting damaged.
  • 3.True Tone: The True Tone function needs to be activated by the programmer.
  • 4. Please disconnect the battery cable before installing the screen to prevent the screen from freezing.
  • 5. If you try to fix this problem yourself, you do so at your own risk
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