Walking Treadmill Under Desk Portable Walking Pad 265LBS 2.25HP for Home Office, Black


This walking pad treadmill under desk is designed for exercise easily at home gym, you just need to plug in, which is very convenient.
Under desk treadmill is suitable for the whole family use. Its starting speed starts from 0.5mph, which is very suitable for those who are older or who need rehabilitation training; its maximum speed is 4mph, and it is suitable for young people who need a treadmill at home or office. Noise-Absorbing Anti-Slip Belt can protect your safety during sports time
This under desk walking pad is designed with LED screen. LED display clearly shows time, calories, speed and distance, grasp your exercise status in real time, and make your exercise data clear at a glance.
When you're done using the walking treadmill for small space, it won't take up too much space at home, and it can be placed in the corner.
0.6-4MPH Speed Levels:The Speed Range of the mini treadmill for standing desk is 0.6-4mph, you can walk or jogging when you are work at home or office. It is equipped with a remote control for easy adjustment the speed or stop the treadmill by pressing the remote control. Because our portable treadmill itself is lightweight and has 2 wheels at the bottom, with little strength you can push it and move it anywhere.

  • 【Walking Pad for Home & Office】The under desk treadmill compact is focus on lighter and more flexible for home use! The speed range of desk walking pad treadmill varies from 0.6 to 4mph, suitable for walking jogging and running. It is perfect for daily exercise or keeping active at work.
  • 【Ultra-light & Portable Design】The weight of walking desk pad is only 38 pounds and has two front wheels for easy movement. Installation-free design, ready to use right out of the box. The size of the small treadmill is 19.29" x 46.65" x 4.52", you can place the compact electric treadmill at the bottom of your bed or under the sofa to save space. 
  • 【Powerful 2.25HP Motor】Walking treadmill under desk with 2.25HP motor can be hold 265 lb capacity, the small treadmill for apartment making your running quieter and safer running, suitable for working at home or office without disturbing your family or neighbors.
  • 【Led Display & Remote Control】This under desk walking pad is designed with LED screen. The LED display clearly shows time, speed, distance and calories, you can track these data clearly when you use the walking desk treadmill. Our mini treadmill for standing desk is equipped with a remote control, you can adjust the running speed and stop instantly.
  • 【5-Layer Anti-Slip Running Belt】The 5-layer shock-absorbing & anti-slip running belt features a spacious running area 14.96" x 40.16", increasing the safety of the exercise process, providing an effective and safe cushion for your knees and muscles, you can enjoy a more secure and comfortable exercise experience.
Motor: 2.25HP
Speed Range: 0.6-4mph
Assembled Weight: 38lbs
Max user weight: 265lbs
Walking/Running Surface: 14.96*40.16 inches
Dimensions LxWxH:19.29*46.65*4.52 inches
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