WYRAVIO Air Cooler Portable, 3-IN-1 Tower Fan with Remote Control, 3 Wind Speeds and 3 Modes, Air Cooling Fan with LED Display and 9H Timer for Bedroom Living Room Office

Enjoy a cool summer with our 3-in-1 oscillating tower fan! Equipped with 3 wind modes, 3 fan speeds and 70° oscillating function, this floor tower fan provides you with customizable and wide-angle cool air flow. The large 0.66 gallon water tank and 4 ice packs ensure continuous and powerful cooling. With the 9-hour timing function, auto-off LED display and working noise less than 45dB, our tower fan will create a livable and comfortable sleeping environment for your family. It is multifunctional to be used as a fan, humidifier or air cooler to meet your different needs. You can easily adjust and check the settings through the remote control, touch panel and LED display. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design, this tower shaped air cooler is suitable for small spaces and is easy to move anywhere.
  • 3 Fan Speeds & 3 Wind Modes: Featuring 3 fan speeds (high/medium/low) and 3 operating modes (normal/cooling/sleep), this bladeless tower fan allows you to customize your desired airflow and cooling effects easily. It can provide powerful cooling air or peaceful breeze for various occasions, such as yoga, workout, relaxing, etc.
  • Wide Oscillation & Simple to Use: Designed with a wide swing angle of 70°, the evaporative air cooler offers effective and wide-spread air flow distribution around the whole room. The smart touch panel and LED display make it easy to use. Besides, you can control all settings without leaving bed or sofa by using the handy remote control.
  • Quiet Operation & Built-in Timer: This powerful floor fan runs quietly with less than 45dB noise, ensuring a peaceful and cool working or sleeping environment for you. The built-in timer allows you to set the auto-off time from 1-9 hours. Moreover, the LED screen will automatically turn off after 3 minutes in no operation, avoiding any annoying light at night.
  • Energy Saving & Safety Protection: The floor tower fan is a perfect match to an air conditioner, which can promote air circulation in the room and save a lot of energy costs. The round base enhances overall stability and protects the fan from toppling over. For children's security, the fan features a bladeless design and pinch-proof grills.
  • Compact & Space-saving Design: The compact tower shape design makes this evaporative air cooler take up little space and suitable for any size of room in your home or office. With a light weight of 11 lbs and built-in portable handle, you can move and carry it anywhere you need effortlessly.
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The review would not show in product details on storefront since it does not support to.