YORIN Trampoline for Kids, 60'' Mini Trampoline for Toddlers with Swing, Enclosure Net and Basketball Hoop, Indoor/Outdoor Kids Round Trampoline with Adjustable Gymnastics Bars, Gifts for Boys & Girls


Introduce health, fitness, and endless fun to your household with the YORIN 5ft Kids Trampoline! Created to ensure your children and their friends experience exhilarating jumps in a secure environment, this trampoline brings safety and pure joy indoors and outdoors!

As the colder weather approaches, finding engaging and healthy indoor activities becomes essential. Look no further than the YORIN trampoline! Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, it transitions seamlessly from the yard to your indoor space. When outdoor play is restricted due to weather conditions, the YORIN trampoline remains a reliable source of fun and exercise, boasting the ideal size and beautifully vibrant colors that keep your little ones entertained in a healthy way.

Safety Design of Jumping Mat and Spring Protection Pad Without Clearance

The YORIN trampoline features a safer, gapless jump pad design that eliminates the gap between the jump pad and the spring pad. The YORIN trampoline has a safer and higher TUV standard. Kids are safer from pinch points and openings. 

Upgrade the Improved Zip Design

The N-type zipper design makes it more convenient and safe for children to enter and leave. The service life of the thickened zipper is doubled.

High-Quality Springs, Make Child's Jumps Safer and More Comfortable

YORIN trampoline uses springs that meet the German GS quality standards, the maximum weight can be up to 220 pounds, making the jump safer and the service life of the trampoline longer.

Buckle Design, No Screws are Required for Installation.

YORIN trampoline is made of thickened 1.5mm steel tubes, strong, durable, and safe. At the same time using the new buckle design, installation does not need to use screws. Make the trampoline disassembly more simple and fast.

Perfect Gift Choice

The recreational trampoline comes with a basketball hoop, and gymnastic bar, adding fun to jumping. The unique color matching is more attractive. A great Christmas/ Birthday gift for boys and girls aged 1-8.


Size: 5FT

Shape: Round

Colors: Red + Blue/ Purple + Blue/ Yellow + Blue/ Green + Blue/ Pink + Blue

Legs: 3

Weight Limit: 400lbs

Springs: 36 Galvanized Springs

Elevate your child's playtime with the YORIN 5ft Kids Trampoline - a fusion of safety, durability, and boundless fun!

  • 【YORIN Mini Trampoline】YORIN 60 inch trampoline with enclosure and basketball hoop comply with ASTM F381-16 & F2225-15, CPC Certificate and CPSIA Report. YORIN Mini trampoline can accommodate 1-2 kids aged 1-8 years. 3 W-shaped legs with silent suction cups, effectively mute and strongly absorb the ground, combined with 6 vertical and 6 cross-bar safety poles enhance the stability and safety of the trampoline, providing all-round safety protection.
  • 【YORIN Provides More Fun】YORIN 60-inch trampoline with swing, basketball hoop, gymnastics bar, ocean balls and hanging rings. Removable basketball hoop and swing allow your kids to enjoy shooting while jumping and enjoy swinging in their free time. The height of the gymnastics bar is adjustable from 59'' to 60'' or 62'', and with 2 hanging rings, which can exercise your child's physical fitness and balance. Colorful ocean balls help you train your child's color recognition as well.
  • 【YORIN Compare with Others】YORIN 60in trampoline frame adopts 1.5mm thick full galvanized and full spray steel, provides stronger support and last longer than other 1mm ordinary steel. 400LBS weight capacity is manufactured with EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface providing unmatched rebounding force. Come with 36 galvanized waist drum springs, and all springs have undergone 30,000 extreme extension experiments without deformation, providing a comfortable jumping force.
  • 【YORIN Perfect Bouncing Experience】 YORIN 60-inch trampoline comes with high-density thickened enclosure net and 2 IN 1 elastic jumping mat with thickened spring cover pad. The No-Gap design completely covers the spring to prevent jumping out and pinching. Each safety pole is covered with thickened anti-collision foam protective cover in blue or yellow, the unique color scheme is more attractive, allowing children to jump happily on the trampoline.
  • 【YORIN After Sales Service】YORIN indoor trampoline provides a detailed graphic manual, all parts and installation steps are listed and numbered. All mounting points are secured by metal spring snaps, which are easier and faster to install than ordinary screws. A spring tool is provided for quick spring installation. One adult can finish in 1 hour. 18 months warranty comes with YORIN 60-inch trampoline. Any concerns, please email us to get more help, and we will give you a prompt reply within 12 hours.
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